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De Nederlandse versie van deze website komt zo spoedig mogelijk!  

Welcome to my website,
where you will find a wide variety of exclusive miniatures!!!!

After ten years of being in the miniature business I have finally given in to the "modern" demand of going on-line. Due to circumstances I have not yet been able to completely finish  it and have therefore only concentrated on my Russian items for now, but at least there's this beginning! So please keep checking this website regularly, there's plenty more to come!!!!   

Should you want anything specific/more information/whatsoever, just click on the "Information" button, fill in your data/questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Should you want to see me/my miniatures "for real", I will be exhibiting at the following shows:

  • Arnhem Poppenhuisstad/the Rijnhal/Arnhem-the Netherlands;

  • The Kensington Dollshouse Festival/London-England;

  • The BIG Dolls House & Miniatures Show/Excel/London-England;

  • 1zu12-die Messe/Soest-Germany;

  • Poppenhuizen, Poppen & Miniaturenbeurs/Evenementenhal Rijswijk-the Netherlands;

  • The International Christmas Market/Spruce Meadows/ Calgary-Canada.

For dates/more info regarding the above shows, check out their websites! (See "Links")

 In the meantime, enjoy reading/viewing my site!

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