Bast Shoes

Bast shoes were an easily made, but even more easily worn out necessity back in the old days.

People would weave many, many pairs from birch-bast, which was very easy to get & very cheap. Because of all the snow & ice, however, the shoes would only last for one week!

** Nowadays people don't make these shoes to wear anymore. The only time you may still find them in/outside their home, is when they hang them outside, over the front door. It is said that this way they keep the evil spirits from entering their homes.

The first time I saw these shoes, other than the ones on the feet of traditional costume dolls, was when I met Alexei, who was selling rather big ones (in my 1/12 scale orientated opinion anyway) as key-chain-souvenirs. It took him almost two years, but now he has mastered the art of weaving really tiny shoes, in exactly the same way and with the same birch-bast material as in the old days.


Tiny shoes, woven from birch–bast.
2.1 cm
Euro: 7.00


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