Russian Miniatures

A few years ago I had the opportunity to go to Moscow.
When looking for souvenirs for my family and friends, I was completely thrilled by the quality of work of the Russian artists. The way they could make the most beautiful miniature paintings on e.g. lacquer boxes really amazed me. Wouldn't this in 1/12 scale be wonderful for one's dollhouse? Unfortunately I could find no items that were small enough. I walked for days asking everyone if they could make e.g. tiny Matryoska's for me, but no luck.
Back home the thought of all the beautiful things I had seen did not leave my mind. I didn't want to give up just yet, I just felt I had to go back and try again. So after a lot of sweet-talking my husband I finally left for Moscow again. I spent three weeks there; walking all over Moscow, looking, talking, asking around to try & find some people who could make some 1/12 scale items. Finally, having literally worn out my shoes, I was lucky and found several masters who were willing to make exclusive miniatures for me.
Over the years some of them have gone, but others have been found and so you can now see a collection which features various artists, all different in style, but all excellent in quality.
I trust the photo's will give you a good impression of this quality of the work of a few of Russia's greatest artists.

I do not claim to be an expert on Russian art, history of whatsoever. I have tried to learn as much as I can about fairy-tales, folk-stories, habits, traditions and so on, by just talking to Russian people rather than spending hours in the library. So most of the things you read, I have heard in the streets, having a meal somewhere or drinking tea from the samovar; asking questions and listening....
Russians love to tell stories and I just love to listen and pass them on to you.

Getting to know the Russian people, learning about their rich history and seeing but a glimpse of their beautiful country has been (and still is) enriching my life incredibly.

I can only hope that by obtaining one (some/more) of these miniatures, some of this feeling will  rub off on you!


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